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The leading knowledge manager in the german healthcare market


Innovations for the healthcare market – that is what K|M|S has been providing for over two decades.


With more than 50 employees K|M|S has been an important technological innovator for the knowledge management in the german healthcare sector. As a strategic partner we support our customers in their work and decision processes. This creates transparancy and decision-making reliability. Our products and services provide sustainable value. We are leading in the market of operational and strategic control tools.

"What started over 20 years ago solely as a software company, has become a knowlege manager for hospitals with a broad spectrum of services", says K|M|S founder and CEO Alois G. Steidel.

K|M|S starts trends

The in-depth dialogue with our costumers and the close integration in the healthcare network, let us discover trends early on. This way we can provide customers with solutions while the market only emerges.

The interactions with our customers and employees are shaped by the following fundamental values for our daily conduct:

  • Openness / candor
  • Mutual support
  • Engagement
  • Reliability
  • Mutual respect

Our Portfolio

As the leading knowledge manager for the german healthcare market, we follow high standards. Combining technology and features to facilitate handling big data is not our only challenge. We aim to provide the right content and the right consultation in a short amount of time to increase the knowledge and therefore the added value for our customers.


We focus on three main tiers

  • Profitability & Efficiency
  • Quality & Security
  • Strategy & Market


Technology and features are replaceable – knowledge is not!


The Knowledge Manager


eisTIK® is a highly efficient management information system for the strategic and operational management of hospitals and clinics and processes the basic data to become knowledge.


EOH® - EYE ON HEALTH is the new dimension of geomarketing. EOH® gives an overlook of the individual competitive situation and potentials and supports active hospital marketing.


The K|M|S Academy is the central platform for knowledge transfer between costumers, specialists and managers of health care providers.


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